Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HumbleBundle 3: The first million

The road to the first million attained almost half-way though the bundle was wrought with events:
Humble Bundle 3: The first million

Major events

  1. Paypal not functioning properly and it's resolution.
  2. Announcement of free Minecraft for about 2 weeks with the bundle.
  3. Announcement of Steel Storm's inclusion in the bundle. (An e-mail arrived about 2 hours before the tweet)
And the first million!

The pace of sales has certainly slowed down since the start. However, some announcements still have the power of pushing the sales much above the norm. I will be interested in seeing whether they choose to make the announcement of making the software opensource at the crucial moment or not.

The averages seem to indicate something interesting: 
The average contribution for each OS

While the average of Linux users has increased slowly (with the last contribution being made by MtGox of ~ $4,000) along with the average for Mac users, the contribution by Windows users has seen a slight decrease throughout.


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