Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humble "FrozenSynapse" Bundle

Humble Bundle came back again, this time with just one new game FrozenSynapse and the previous FrozenByte bundle with it, if you paid more than the average.

This run of the Bundle was not as peppered with events as the previous bundles were: there were only two mid-air additions to the bundle, instead of half a score of interesting events happening the last time and nothing (to the best of my knowledge) was made open source:

Humble "FrozenSynapse" Bundle's economic performance

The two additions were:

  1. Addition of SpaceChem
  2. Inclusion of TRAUMA

Also, it was clear from the previous bundle (and before) that adding an incentive for increasing the average works wonders. Hence, this time the previous bundle was included right from the start given that one paid more than the current average.
Average purchase price of the bundle
The behavior is just as was seen for the last humble bundle minus the steep increase mid-way. The average purchase price of the Linux and the Mac users kept increasing slightly as the bundle progressed while the Windows uses were stable at their price of $4 / bundle.


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