Monday, January 3, 2011

Unexpected Return of Investment from HDD

I recently upgraded to a 500 Gb HDD from my puny 80 Gb one, done primarily because I wanted to download the HumbleBundle without having to uninstall Eclipse and Firefox from my system. And I am quite happy with the results.

However, doing the upgrade also had some other interesting returns of interest:

  1. I am definitely happy about finally having all my music collection on my laptop instead of having to revert to the Backup Hard drive every time I had a craving for that one special song.
  2. I can finally run the 1080p HD movies on my laptop! So the bottleneck was the Hard-drive and not the CPU. (Anyway I could have figured it out sooner?)
  3. I copied my large Photograph collection to my laptop and I set my screen saver to "Picture Folder". Now every time my laptop goes to the screensaver, it is like taking a walk down the memory lane.

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