Sunday, May 29, 2011

USB drive as a music carrier using Banshee/Rhythmbox

The old ways of sharing music may soon become passé with Amazon and Google both stepping into the cloud music ring, but till that becomes mainstream, here is a nifty trick to easily share music using your USB stick and a music player such as Rhythmbox or Banshee.

My USB Drive/Audio book reader

This is a nifty trick which can convert your USB drive (or a music player which is not recognized as such) into a decent music carrier. I usually have my playlists arranged in Rhythmbox and Banshee but there is no direct way of dragging-dropping these songs to USB drives or my new music player. Though most music players are recognized by both Rhythmbox and Banshee, this was not recognized as anything more than a USB drive.

The work around turned out to be surprisingly simple, but not-so-easy to find: just touch (or create a new file) named: .is_audio_player  (including the dot at the start of the filename).

Unmount the drive and on mounting the drive, Banshee/Rhythmbox should be able to recognize it and you should be able to copy files to/from it by simply dragging-dropping them using the Rhythmbox/Banshee window.

The .is_audio_player file can also contain some other information, for example, where should the music files be copied to and how deep should the directory structure should be, etc:


Read (a little) more about it here.


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