Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colors in R console

Update 2: The colorout package has moved again and is now available on GitHub.


Update: The colorout package on CRAN has not been updated to be compatible with R version 3.x.x yet. However, if you compile and install it yourself, it still works.

download.file("", destfile = "colorout_1.0-1.tar.gz")
install.packages("colorout_1.0-1.tar.gz", type = "source", repos = NULL)

 R console

Let's face it, the R-console is one of the more uninviting things I have seen, perhaps second only to the Ocaml console which comes without readline.

This is what my (and probably your) R console looks like this:
R console without color
What I see on the console is a single color which, firstly, makes it a challenge to separate stderr, output, warnings and errors, and, secondly, is just boring. I did not know what I could do about it and I stuck with it because the only other option seemed to be moving to a GUI (JGR or Rstudio). This is not to say that there is something wrong with the GUIs, but I prefer working with only my keyboard and, hence, shun GUIs almost as a rule. (Eclipse for Java is an exception.)

But it changed when I discovered the package colorout on CRAN, which makes my console look like this:
R console with color (using colorout)
This makes it remarkably easier to differentiate different forms of output.
The coloring is not perfect (notice that the second '-' in the interval outputted for tmp30 is assumed to be a negative sign instead of being a separator), but I would choose it any given day over the drab single color.
I did need a little tweak to my .Rprofile file since I did not like the way the default settings display the error:


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