Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HumbleBundle is back again!

And this time, I am not late!

Err ... not very late anyhow. I did miss the action for the first $40,000 but got around to collecting data much faster than the last time around. If you do not know what a HumbleBundle is, read the wikipedia entry, or just visit their website here.

The start of the action is explosive!
The amount raised by the Humble Indie Bundle 3 so far, in minutes since my 1st data reading
(14 more days to go)

Some highlights:

  1. The minimum purchases per five minutes was 500 and the peak was about 1200 purchases! That translates to 4 purchases per second for five minutes!
  2. $172,575.70 collected in about 4 hours, 15 minutes.
  3. 39,894 purchases made in the same time
Also, the averages for various platforms are already showing signs of what they probably will be at the end of the 14 days:
Averages by the platform.
Average contribution of Linux has fallen by about $2,  but is still significantly more than for other platforms.

Compare this to the tail of the last time:
The last half of the Humble Frozenbyte bundle.
I'll be keeping tabs on how this bundle evolves and hope to see interesting trends ahead!


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