Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rhizome 7/7 conference

On 16th April, 2010, seven leaders in Technology and seven leaders in Art were paired up and left for a day to develop something new. The results were shown the following day in the New Museum in Ney York. This was the Rhizome Seven on Seven conference. Here is a list of videos with a line of summary for each.

An intriguing concept: 10 second clips, starting from your tag, and flowing into new content and completely irreversible.

Who decides who is not mentally well? How does he decide it? In how many ways can one not be well?

Would you trust someone enough to let them be you?

Evan Roth & Matt Mullenweg

Wordpress creator and the person who tops the Google search for 'bad a** mother f******' joining hands and making the Publishing experience very human. I wish I had this whenever I clicked on 'Publish Post'. :)

Sculpture does not need to be static, different every time you look at it. And, yet, you might never see it move.

Marc Andre Robinson & Hilary Mason

Have you thought what an Umbrella would say if it could talk? Getting lost,
exchanging hands, travelling subways, watching romance, and doing much more.

Monica Narula & Joshua Schachter

How much will you pay to get rid of your guilt? That, and the voyeuristic fun of making people bare their guilt for 2 cents. Literally.

Seven on Seven: Monica Narula & Joshua Schachter from Rhizome on Vimeo.

I found them to be very enjoyable, each and everyone.

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