Friday, January 18, 2013

Two room problem

I had a problem.

I fractured my foot last month, on 6th December, and now am walking with crutches. I have largely recovered now, but one excruciating problem I face is having no free arms while going from room to room. That means I cannot bring food to the table from the kitchen, nor carry used plates, glasses, etc. to the kitchen. However, those problems were easy to solve: just eat in the kitchen and drink from reusable bottles.

The real problem was carrying my work around. I sit in the living room (which is large, airy and has a nice window) and lie down in my bedroom (which is a little cloistered but comfortable and snug). I had to constantly pack my work laptop in my backpack and carry it from one place to another since I like to work at both places. This annoyed me to no end, until I found a solution.

The solution was simple: use two laptops. I keep my personal laptop in the bedroom, work laptop in the living room and travelled light between the two places. Work related things are synced using Google Apps and git while my personal things were synced using Dropbox.

On top of that, I use my phone to make calls, and my Kindle (which also fits in my pockets) to read. So I don't have to carry anything in my hands.

I had got my PC as a present from one of my uncles in 1998. Then I stuck with it (replacing it part by part) for the next decade (!) before I got my first laptop in 2008. And that was a luxury. It has only been  5 years since and the computing power I have in my life has increased about 5 folds. I am suddenly living the first-world technophilic life.

When did that happen?


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taangein bahut important hoti hain

Utkarsh Upadhyay said...

@suneel: I have now test run it on myself. Now I'll know exactly what you will feel like soon ... very soon ... (* evil smile *)